Church Ministries:

1.Church Plantation: The Ministry puts its reliant less efforts for the conduct of awareness from among the non - Christians who do not know the love of grace of the living God. The society promotes the unity among the speakers, believers and have plans for Church Plantation where ever the possibilities are available.

2. Crusades & Conferences: The Ministry continues to conduct the Crusades barely for soul winning and conduct the Conferences just like study centers for the new believers as well as the Pastors who are working at the grass root level.

3.Youth Retreats:The Ministry has a great burden in mobilizing the strength of youth.So,as utilize thier services, their soul services for the spiritual uplift of youth. The youth are verily used for choir & orchestra, carrels as well as for conduct of the needy services for the community development.

4. Gospel Rallies : With the help of the youth and believers we use to conduct Gospel Rallies in the streets of in and around the Eluru city and elsewhere on all Wednesday evenings. we will have through cycle rickshaw having a loudspeaker on it. The faithful use to sing the songs at the junctions. The Pastor and the Youth use to give their messages and distributes the tracts. Through this ministry many are able to know that who is the real God and also accepting Christ as their personal saviour and God.

5.Children Retreats: The Church has beautiful Sunday School union of about 150 Children. The children use to meet at their worship places just before to regular services and teachers along with some of the youth students. They use to sing and learning the music instruments are also being learn by the children as there is music teacher with the society. Children rallies are being conducted, the competition are also being conducted at the annual concretion of the society.

6.Women Fellowship : There is a women fellowship functioning in the Church those who are responsible for the conduct of women programmes, maintenance of Churches and worshiping places, house visit and the cottage prayers. They use to conduct the women fellowship meetings.

Refuge of Christ Ministries is extending its services, to the poor, needy and destitute persons, without any discrimination of caste, creed, or religion, in many areas of their need, with special emphasis on Health and Education.

The Refuge of Christ Ministries Registered under Societies Act 35 of 2001,Reg No 99 of 2012


The corner stone's of the Refuge of Christ Ministries are:
God's love for the people - more so for the poor, sick and the destitute .
Putting into action the 3 dimensional services of Jesus Christ: Preaching, Healing and Feeding.
we should help other needy people, aged, widows, orphans, street children and destitute.


Showing Christ's compassion and love to the Poor and Needy People.


To help the poor and needy children at risk and marginalized communities irrespective of Caste, Creed or Religion and to create opportunities to develop their potential to become self - reliant and self - sustainable individuals.


Holistic development- development of Body, Mind and Soul-of poor, needy, destitute and sick persons and children in slums and villages, to help them break the cycle of poverty.


  • To provide Free Education to poor and needy children, through Residential Schools/ Colleges.
  • To provide Free Medical aid/ Treatment to poor people, through Hospitals, Leprosy colonies, Medical camps, monthly rations to Leprosy, T.B., HIV/ AIDS and Blind patients.
  • To care for neglected and deserted old persons, through Old Age Homes and monthly financial supports.
  • To rehabilitate differently abled persons, like Polio children, Blind children.
  • To start Community Development Projects, for specific groups, through Adult Education classes, Awareness camps, Income Generation projects, Interest Free loans.
  • To provide emergency relief to victims of natural calamities such as fire, floods, cyclone, Tsunami, drought etc.
  • To establish Homes for Street children.
  • To extend educational support to children of families under difficult circumstances, namely, Long-term Prisoners, Farmers who committed Suicide, HIV/ AIDS patients.
  • Monthly Ration (Nutritious food) to Leprosy victims, T.B, Blind and HIV/Aids patients.
  • To provide drinking water in villages and slums through Bore wells.