• Need land for the "Refuge of Christ Ministries India"
  • Need permanent building for the "orphanage"
  • Need permanent building for the "Oldage Home"
  • Need permanent building for the "Bible College"
  • Need permanent building for the "Christian school"
  • Need to establish the "Job skill training center"
  • Need to establish the "Medical care center "

Kindly pray for these projects, If God leads you to support any of the above mentioned projects, Kindly send your generous donations and support this ministry. Please Contact us.


Beloved as the Lord opened the doors for the Salvation of souls in India, many are coming to Christ. In fact this is the Harvest time in India. We need more and more Missionaries/ Pastors/ Evangelists and much Evangelistic work to be done. By God's grace the preaching of the Gospel in these parts of India is lightly softened. But Satan is not happy and causing many obstructions. Famine and poverty is some of the things that hindering the people of India to come to Christ. Superstitions and wrong teachings also added to them.

In this period of grace as the Lord touched the hearts of Indian people, now India needs more Missionaries, Pastors, Evangelists and Finances. The main drawback for Evangelism in India is insufficient funds and wrong teachings.

The Bible classes for Pastors and Evangelists, is a never-ending story in India. We need more and more Bible Classes. So kindly pray Father to send more teams to us to educate our thirsty Pastors in scriptures. As our motto is to save souls, we have been very busily engaged in Evangelistic and Refuge work, showing the love of Jesus.

As India is a third world country with large population, very often we have to work as Good Samaritan and for that we have to have at least two Deaneries. Kindly pray for finances to support our work. The ministry is fast progressing, reaching the unreached especially the tribal people who never heard about Christ.

Please pray and visit our ministry in India and enlighten our people/ Pastors and Churches with the Gospel preaching and teachings for the Kingdom of God.

with eternity in mind, denying their temporal needs so they might win the prize of eternal blessing. For only $ 100, you can provide an Indian pastor and their family with full support--enabling them to devote their time to ministry.

Please consider reaching out of the depths of your heart to support a pastor and his family on monthly basis. For only $100 a month, you can insure food on the table and the very basic necessities of life of one pastor. That's all, just $ 100 a month.

Working together is a great opportunity for sponsors to undergird the work being done in India day in and day out. As effective as they have been, having someone like you partner with them will not only increase their reward, but they will share the fruitfulness of ministry with you. As you labor together, they will never feel alone or forgotten. They will know there is a partner in prayer sharing the burden for the lost. The advantages both the pastor and the sponsor will realize are immeasurable. The two together - pastor and sponsor - will be a strong force against the anti-Christ spirit at work throughout India. Add the power of the Holy Spirit at work when two believers are bound together in purpose, the "threefold cord" will not quickly be broken. (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12)